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Two of my friends lived in Vietnam for six months, and even they said the Vietnamese were rude to them despite becoming “locals.” Their neighbors never warmed up to them.

My friends were always outsiders — strangers even to those they saw every day.

They expect Westerners to spend money in Vietnam, so when they see travelers trying to penny-pinch, they get upset and thus look down on backpackers and treat them poorly.

Those who are spending money, however, seem to be treated quite well.

But just because I didn’t like Vietnam doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go.

This is my experience, but you should always just take what someone says, file it away, and go yourself.

“She doesn’t think you will notice.” “How much should this really cost? I gave the vendor the correct change, told her she was a bad person, and walked away. But after talking to a number of other travelers, I realized that we all had the same stories.

You can plan your trip using my Vietnam guide to find out what to see and do, save money, and avoid getting ripped off.

They all had tales of being ripped off, cheated, or lied to. I witnessed other people having problems in Vietnam. Once when my friend bought bananas, the seller walked away before giving the change back.

At a supermarket, a friend was given chocolate instead of change.

And the reason for that is one of my most-asked questions. The simple answer is that no one ever wants to return to a place where they felt they were treated poorly.

People email me several times a week asking why, in this post about myself, I single Vietnam out as being my least favorite country. When I was in Vietnam, I was constantly hassled, overcharged, ripped off, and treated badly by the locals.

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