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db initilze progress start db insert update progress bar 1% db insert update progressbar 3% dbinsert etc.. just echo out the update to browser and do the next db insert... PHP by default buffers the output of the script until the buffer is full before sending it to the client, to achieve maximum network utilization.

This buffering is also done at the Apache level, and the OS level.

You can probably bypass all these buffers by calling flush(); ..

However, there are still other buffers you don't have control over, like buffering at a proxy server.

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In these cases it is a good idea to give some indication to the user that you are in fact still performing tasks and that their browser hasn’t simply locked up.

You can set the location yourself here: $uploaddir = ""; //set this to where your files should be uploaded. Example: $uploaddir = "files/"; //set this to where your files should be uploaded. Dear Sir, I am trying for image displying loading status bar using ur script and I have installed and configured php_apc in my file. But when I executed this file it will show uploading file window but progress bar is not moving and file uploading is not done. When i am uploading a file , all time during uploading progress bar does not move. It starts from 0 during upload, but will Not animate to 100% in the process...

It is showing error like 'rate' is null or not an object. Thanks in advance Regards, Chaitra Is there any way to have the files auto-uploaded as selected? How to Seperate each file in each upload (not include all file in upload progress bar) I integrated a new (better) PHP Upload Progress Bar Script in my PHP project. However, It will jump to 100% after the file is done. John, In regards to my progress bar animation problem.

All-in-all, this is a nice method, but unreliable most of the time.

An alternative solution would be refershing the page for each chunk of the updates.

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