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By the time that I came out as a fully competent trombone player I discovered that the band needed a trumpet player, so I had to switch again. Leaving the musical side for a minute: I'd been training all this time to become a chemist, and I'd taken a job in a chemical laboratory, and was working away at nights, whenever my jazz would allow me.

So, when I came out of the RAF in 1950, I went back to my chosen career of chemistry.

At the end of December 1952, it was the first time we actually played in public with the band with Pat on trumpet, in a jazz club in Soho, and – I wouldn’t say it myself, but I have some independent witnesses, who heard it and say it was extraordinarily good – so we were very pleased with that. Seriously, that was it, Pat joined from then on, so you know the whole story; I find it interesting – I can remember it all, like it was yesterday, or the day before.

Anyway, came the 1st of January, 1953, Pat came to us and said, “I’m terribly sorry, my parents have convinced me that I really should finish my studies and get qualified before I take this risky step and become a professional musician. ” So we thought, “Oh God, no trumpeter.” [Chris then goes on to talk about Ken Colyer’s return from New Orleans, his joining the band, and the volatile relationship that developed between Ken and the five other members of the band, culminating in Ken’s firing of the rest of the band, or the rest of the band inviting Ken to leave – whichever story you believe.] ... Luckily for us, the next day we found out that Pat Halcox had finally decided that chemistry was not for him at all, and he was going to be a musician after all. We always had a piano at home, and, although neither of my parents were particularly musical, there's always been an interest.

It was one of those back-room-when-mother's-out sort of bands. A friend of mine worked at Boosey and Hawkes, and he'd bring home lots of battered old instruments.

I finally chose trombone, because that was what we needed.

They tell me that when I was four years old I would sit at the piano and pick out phrases and actually copy out music, even before I could write.

So they sent me to a series of lessons that resulted in my passing an exam when I was four and a half.

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Mainly the people with roots, I think - Parker, John Lewis, Gillespie and Ellington, especially Ellington.

In my amateur band I had this young banjo player called Anthony James Donegan: Lonnie had his own amateur band as well, so he played twice every week. In his amateur band he had bass player Jim Bray playing, and he wanted to play all the time.

Monty Sunshine was leading the last knockings of the Crane River Jazz Band with Ron Bowden on the drums; Ron was already living on the two quid he earned a week.

When I did start again, I'd become involved loosely in jazz. Pete Johnson's 'Roll 'Em Pete' was the first disc in my collection.

I've always been fascinated by Boogie and the Blues ever since. I first tried playing jazz in a band with Bob Dawbarn and a crowd of friends, including Mick Mulligan.

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