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Because the procedures call for motors to be tested in a horizontal bearing arrangement with standard deep groove ball bearings, their efficiency ratings also do not factor in the efficiency losses they might experience due to high thrust bearing losses.In other words, a motor’s nameplated efficiency rating -- known as the NEMA Nominal Rating – may not reflect its “TRUE” efficiency in the pumping operation.We all know Scheana is gonna play the perpetual victim of Shay, but his friend, Nicole Arbour, blames Scheana for using Shay for attention and drama, and trying to make him look bad when he started refusing to play along with her schemes.

In return, Lala hears a shocking rumor James Kennedy. Round two, which officially took effect June 1, 2016, includes vertical electric motors and most other types of motors used in water industry applications.The DOE has identified nine motor characteristics to determine if a motor must meet the NEMA Premium standard.And like the record in the abandoned DJ booth spins, these are the days of our SUR. Beginning June 1, 2016, newly manufactured 1 – 500 horsepower industrial electric motors are required to meet “NEMA Premium®”† efficiency standards.

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