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Careful attention to the cleaning of apparatus and the use of disposable components can reduce the extent of laboratory-induced contamination.Some examples of contamination from conservation treatments are also given.Overall, the Holocene history represents continuing complex response to events of the Late Pleistocene, and does not support the K-cycle concept, which has strongly influenced late Quaternary geomorphology in Australia.

Evidence for the present performance is presented, including a histogram of the reproducibility...Would the Australian megafauna have become extinct if humans had never colonised the continent?Comments on “A review of the evidence for a human role in the extinction of Australian megafauna and an alternative explanation” by S. Field For sediments with very little carbon, traditional chemical pretreatment for radiocarbon dating has necessarily been a compromise between rigorous decontamination and economic reality, with the latter generally restricting the application...Differing sedimentation patterns between the Late Pleistocene, Holocene and Post-European settlement periods reflect regional changes in sediment supply and transport capacity as a result of major environmental change.Within the Holocene, however, valley fill stratigraphy is controlled by massive, episodic gully erosion terminating aggradation.

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