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I also told him about Andy, and about our snowballing session.He said it sounded like fun -- which it was, and that he hadn't been "getting any" or much from his wife lately.First I had joined some dating sites, but was still meeting the same kinds of women.Then I joined the sex dating site just to see what would happen, and to at least have some physical contact with people - just to pass the time while I pondered how I was going to meet "the one." I did meet a few women as well as the guys and the couples, and had a few sexual adventures -- but you can't really tell your friends about the kind of things I was doing, and overall it wasn't emotionally satisfying.

I told him about my 3some experiences, and how I had met Kevin solo and we had sucked each other off.He was bisexual and looking for a discreet, clandestine long-term arrangement with either a woman or a man, although he suspected that a male partner would be less "maintenance." This is probably true.Guys don't need to be romanced -- they just want to "get off." As a 9 to 5er, his time was limited, but he lived in the next suburb, and I wasn't working -- so I offered that either a quick meeting before or after work was OK with me.Yes, I've sucked some cocks and if you read my lurid descriptions you'd think I'm some kind of "gay male whore," but my preference is definitely women.I'd always wanted to find a nice girl, get married, have kids and be a regular "family guy." But, I left my run a bit late.

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