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After signing in via Facebook, Date Play explains ‘How to Play’.

The middle screen is where the gaming action takes place and consists of a series of Buzz Feed-style multiple choice quizzes.

Every corridor traversed by the paintbrush is colored.

The fish can be eliminated by two paint rollers placed somewhere in the level that can be pushed over them.

The rollers are located on two overpasses, one vertical in its orientation, the other horizontal.

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Make Trax is an action game that draws similarities with Pac-Man.

It was later licensed for North American release to Williams and in Europe to Karateco and Exidy.

Make Trax is a maze game similar to Sega's Head On and Namco's Pac-Man, in which the player controls a paintbrush and must paint the entire layout in order to advance to the next stage.

Two fish — one yellow, the other light blue — emerge from separate aquariums to pursue the paintbrush around the board, and if either of the fish succeeds in making contact with the paintbrush, the player loses one of three lives.

The player may use two "rollers" to attack the fish.

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