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– Comments, corrections and additions are very welcome! Helsingin kaupungin opetusviraston julkaisusarja B01.

Multilingual Education for Social Justice: Globalising the Local. In Laihiala-Kankainen, Sirkka, Pietikinen, Sari & Dufva, Hannele (toim.). The Education of the Smi in the Comprehensive Schooling of Three Nordic Countries: Norway, Finland and Sweden/ Smeoahpahusa sadji golmma Davviriikka vuođđoskuvlavuogadagas. Magne Ove Varsi, Guovdageaidnu: The Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples [ The Status of Smi Education in the Comprehensive Schooling of Three Nordic Countries: Norway, Finland and Sweden Completely updated for this volume. Oman kielen merkitys romanien kulttuuri-identiteetille [The importance of ones own language for the cultural identity of the Roma].

My own publications are also here in alphabetical order, but for more recent ones check my web page, . The Norms of Justice, International Law, and the Duty to Protect.

Roberts and mine are not always in the right order – it would take too much time to organise them properly All websites here were up-to-date when I put them in but I do not check them afterwards except when I need them myself. Maahanmuuttajien oman idinkielen opettajien pedagogiikka [Teaching or Nurtuting – Pedagogy of Immigrant Pupils Mother Tongue Teachers].

A Nordic Comparison from the perspective of the basic prerequisites of education]. Raportti saamelaisopetuksesta Pohjoismaiden peruskouluissa [A Report on the Smi Education in the Nordic Compulsory Schools].

Three separate publications (original manuscripts in North Smi and in Finnish, translated into Swedish). A Report on the Smi Education in the Nordic Compulsory Schools.

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