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Important to note here is that it doesn’t matter if you book with them directly or with a travel agent, you can still follow these prompts.The cost is around 55 US Dollars for a 96-hour visa. If you are on the SAA code-share flight to Dubai (that is the Emirates plane but the SAA ticket on the Emirates plane), you can apply through VFS.This is a single entry visa and it is non-extendable. If you are travelling with Etihad, you need to go to will need the following documents in order to apply: This is an electronic visa and it will usually take around 4 days to process and a copy of the visa is emailed to you.

You can find the links on where to apply by checking the “Manager Booking” section on either of their websites.

Similar to the Visit e Visa, it is an electronic visa obtained from this site.

There is no need to have a visa stamped in your passport prior to your arrival in Bahrain. The GCC e Visa has the following fee structure: Note that if an e Visa application is not approved, the visa fee will be refunded but there will be no refund of the processing fee. On this website you can pay the required fee using a credit or debit card (through a secure session with a payment gateway). The GCC e Visa allows you to stay in Bahrain for 1 month.

Applying for a hassle-free UAE tourist visa just got easier.

Pay online, upload documents and get your e-visa for prices starting from AED 340*.

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