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“Brute,” of course, being Latin for Katy, Kanye, Kim, you, everyone. It’s the day she was born and has therefore become a symbol that she’s interjected into her all work throughout her career — even “New Taylor” can’t shake it.

Acknowledging the old, the “13” Taylor used to write on her hand on tour makes its most prominent appearance, but “13” also sneaks up on the necklace of her cheetah, in the airplane hangar, and on her license plate.

Mr Taylor had, in the 1960s, "bankrupted" his nephew over an unpaid loan and the evidence was that he regarded the younger man as "a spendthrift, ostentatious and a risky proposition".

The house made up the vast bulk of Mr Taylor's estate - valued in total at over £1m - and the judge's ruling meant that charities, his great-granddaughter, Isobel Constantine, and his niece and her husband all lost out.

Judge Griggs' ruling came under fire at the Court of Appeal where the executors of Mr Taylor's estate - including his niece Gabrielle Bradbury and her husband Peter - argued that he got it wrong and was far too generous to Roger Taylor and Miss Burkinshaw.

Here are some of the references you may have missed.

A single dollar in the tub of jewels Likely a reference to her recent court case against David Mueller, the Colorado DJ whom Swift accused of grabbing her butt during a meet-and-greet in 2013.

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